Soldering Irons HS-1115K Professional Electric Gas Portable Gas Electric Soldering Iron Set Butane Gas Gun IRON With Iron Tips

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This kit includes 10pcs tools totally. Pen style design is unique, generous and elegant.
Pen style design is unique and elegant.
High capacity and excellent performance.
With autoignition function for convenient use.
Compact size, lightweight and portable to carry.
Use gas as its power without voltage and wire limitation.
Without location limitation.
Can be used as ordinary soldering iron, heat gun or flame gun, very practical.
Transparent design make you have easy access to inside gas.
Color: Red + Black
Material: Plastic
Filling Capacity: 26ml
Flame Temperature: 1300°C
Solder Iron Temperature: 450°C
Hot Blast Temperature: 500°C
Use Time: 30-40 Minutes
Item Weight: 401g / 14.16oz (with case)    
Item Size: 2.9 * 21cm / 1.14 * 8.27in(D * H)
Case Size: 24 * 13 * 5cm / 9.45 * 5.12  * 1.97in
Package Size: 27.5 * 13 * 5.5cm / 10.83 * 5.12 * 2.16in
Package Weight: 456g / 16.1oz     
The product is not filled with gas yet, please refill it before use.
It's not used by open fire.
Please read the user manual before using.
In case of open fire, please blow out the open fire once it happened.
Package List:
1 * Blow Torch
1 * Soldering Tip
1 * Hot Knife Tip
1 * Needle Point Tip
1 * Double Edge Tip
1 * Engraving Tip
1 * Scoop
1 * Case
1 * Resin Core Solder
1 * Cleaning Sponge + Tray + Stand
1115KHS-1115K - 1HS-1115K - 2HS-1115K - 3
HOW to use solder cordless gas MT100
1: TO refill, hod refill can as pictured( fuel transfer is depend upon gravity). observe fuel level  in the transparent window and stop filling when 90% gull.
2:ignition sequence:
push the on/OFF adjuster upward toward tip to release gas and turn to mind position. then holding the unit away frm the face and body. activate with the flint ignitor or regular lighter.
1:the tip temperatue can be adjust by turing the ON/OFF adjuster
2:normally set the on/off adjuster froward to mid position when soldering or brazing.
3:it is not necessaryfor the tip to glow bright red to achieve satisfactory soldering temperatures. experiance will dictate the adjuster setting required.
MT-100 _ 13MT-100 _ 12MT-100 _ 11MT-100 _ 14MT-100 _ 18MT-100 _ 15MT-100 _ 120


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HS-1115K KIT, 10 in 1 MT-100 KIT, 14 in 1 MT-100 KIT, MT-100 Box Kit, 12 in 1 MT-100 KIT, 1pcs MT-100, 6pcs Tip

Input Voltagle


Output Temperature


Temperature Stability

as the discription

Output Power

as the discription

Brand Name


Filling Capacity


Solder Iron Temperature


Flame Temperature


Hot Blast Temperature


Use Time

30-40 Minutes

Function 1

Electric Soldering Irons

Function 2

Soldering Iron Tip for MT-100 Gas Soldering Iron

10 reviews for Soldering Irons HS-1115K Professional Electric Gas Portable Gas Electric Soldering Iron Set Butane Gas Gun IRON With Iron Tips

  1. Tandy Hoyte

    The cartridge of very poor quality, the rest average

  2. Kathi Okamura

    Eeks xorosho

  3. Speranzio Bartolone

    Everything is still fine. Works. The truth is huge I thought it was smaller.

  4. Carla Poole


  5. Iside Casaletto

  6. Della Drew

    I got the red auto ignition model first and the first time i used it it melted.I dont recommend that model but have got the self lighting one at half the price and are happy.

  7. Shanda Gatling

  8. Lelah Pelosi

    Fast shipping, very well packed, very satisfied, thanks

  9. Émeric Figuier

  10. Craig Piro

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